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Cultural Tours
To make your trip complete , we also organize guided cultural tours of the three ancient cities of the valley, Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur. Our experienced cultural guides will take you around and share their knowledge of these culturally rich cities as well as the sacred Buddhist monuments of Swayambhunath and Boudhnath and the most sacred Hindu temple of Nepal, the Pashupatinath temple.
You can also visit the typical, traditional villages of Bungamati, Khokana etc. and go up to the idyllic Nagarkot or Dhulikhel villages, where you can enjoy a sunrise over the Himalayan range.

Jungle Safari
Do you wish to discover the unique unicorn rhinoceros on an elephant safari? Or perhaps a jeep safari in the jungles of the Royal Chitwan National Park? Or if you wish to know about Tharus, the ethnic group of the Terai and visit their villages, just tell us, and we will organize 3 to 4 days tours to Chitwan.
Booking :
We book your hotel according to the standards you decide. We can also can reserve your local flights like the mountain flight, a marvelous experience of discovering the Himalaya, and an unforgettable souvenir.

We organize also treks for social organizations and work councils. Nomado Association and the work council Thalès Avionics are one of the associations and the companies that already trusted us.

Nomado Association
Reintegration of teenagers in difficulty
For René COULON, retired educationalist of the educative service in the tribunal of Saint Brieuc, and voluntary participant of Nomado and Chantal DOBIGEON, educationalist and dietician, both co-founders of the association, the facts are very clear. There exists an intelligence and potentiality among the youth in difficulty that the traditional institutions cannot make it emerge.
So, through various experiences in Morocco and in Nepal , some youth in difficulty had been confronted with the hard reality of the daily life of these people.

Across Nepal
Expedition « Walk together » in Nepali language « Sangsangaï Hidnou »
From 15th of February to 30th of June 2000, Rene and Chantal had associated with a photographer and the services of Lama Randonnées Trekking (guides, cook and porters) to supervise an expedition with five French teenagers in difficulty. They had traveled over one thousand kilometers in the Himalayas alternately with the participation in mutual aid programmes, one week to repaint an orphanage in Kathmandu , participation in the harvest of a village, the transportion of stones for the construction of a school in a village…
The trip was an opportunity of effective mesure and tensions which highlighted not only the weak points but also the strong points of each youth.
Lack of self confidence, escape from immediate efforts, difficulties to put oneself in some plans happened to be the focus of daily life difficulties.
Not to forget a considerable factor, these young people had found themselves amongst the local population, who with the harshness of their own way of life, had a difficulty to understand the expression of their ill-being which will have contributed to help them develop.

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