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Biking in the Himalayas
To travel all over Nepal , Tibet and Sikkim by biking is a wonderful way to discover these countries.
The majestic beauty of the Nepalese hills overhanged with the backdrop of the magical Himalayas, the wild greatness and the fascinating Tibetan landscape as you cross through passes high up to 5000m, and the luxuriant vegetation of the Sikkim panorama, are all dreams-come-true for those who love biking in the great outdoors.

Lhasa to Kathmandu mountain bike tour
This mountain bike trip of more than 900 km in the Himalayas will take you from Tibet to Nepal , on one of the world ‘s highest roads. You will pass by turquoise blue lakes, and across mountain passes of more than 5000 metres, with magnificent views of the Himalayas. A good physical condition is necessary.
Since more than 10years, we have been organising the Lhassa - Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour.



We can also help you to organise a day or a few days Rafting on of the rivers according your desires.